Welcome Dear Friend! The Servants Of The Secret Fire are at your service. As you can see, the guild page is underway. There is still major construction going on but you get the idea of what it will look like. The page has been posted before it's completion for those of you that need more info on the guild before joining. The only links that work right now are the Charter and News Links. We will be making frequent changes untill the page is complete and hopefully adding a few more sections other than the ones listed. Thanks for stopping by!

Not much info up yet and we're still looking for ideas on what to put as far as info on each member. Make sure to mail us any info about your character (equip/lvl/class/ect ect) you want on the page so we can update it here. Also, I wasn't sure what character some of you were using for the guild so if I have the wrong name for you on the members page then send us an email so we can get it fixed. See you all in EQ.


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