There is only one true path. Regardless of religion, race or chosen profession one fire burns in us all. Magic, the Secret Fire, is the true giver of life, bringer of death, tool of war and power of peace. Once embraced by all in Norrath, this Secret Fire brought balance to all the land. Present day Norrath, however, is much different. Powerful magic users seek to pervert their power for personal gain while others seek to stamp magic out utterly, blaming it for all the evil in the land. About 100 years ago a small number of individuals of varrying race and belief unified to bring back the balance. They are known as the Servants of the Secret Fire. To this day the decendants of these people continue to serve their cause. They devote their time to research of history and magic as well as ridding the land of those that abuse their powers. Those in need often seek the guidance of the Servants to heal their sick and help them through hard times. The only thing needed to secure a Servant's trust is proof of their faith as ordained in the Testament of Vanear.

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