This site is still under HEAVY construction, but you will notice MAJOR improvements to the page already.  I intend to finish fleshing out any sections are not complete. As soon as I finish that, I plan to add more information about planning an area for those that would like to build an area.   I have already added tables with many values for various room, object, and mobile affects as well as information on special functions and resets.  In the future I hope to add a section on helpfiles, and as my knowledge increases (and time permits),  sections on OLC and MobProgs.

The main goal I have, however, is to expand this website into a tutorial for new and experienced builders.  I am by no means a master builder, but I have taken it upon myself to learn as much as I can about the features specific to Vampire Wars Mud's Area code.  I still have much to learn on the subject.  I also do not consider myself a great area designer, but I do feel I'm adequate in that regard. I hope that as I learn more I can share what I know with those who wish to build areas for muds running the Vampire Wars codebase.

In the near future I hope to add FAQ's for Newbie Builders, Experienced Builders, MZF, and troubleshooting.  If you have a suggestion you think will help improve this page, please email me.


The following webpage assumes you have downloaded MZF and intend to use it to construct your basic area. This includes mobiles, rooms, objects and resets. It should be noted that MZF does not include every flag that is available. What follows is a set of guidelines for editing the resulting area file so that features specific to the mud can be utilised, including flags that can only be set in the area file.Some of these features should be used with caution. It is also possible to create an area file entirely in notepad or a DOS editor, for which the following pages will be just as useful.



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