Native American Triple Flute

I recently got a Native American Triple Flute, hand crafted by Pat Haran, based on flute making skills taught by the Hopi tribe near Tuscon, Arizona. See some pictures of one just like it below (click to enlarge.)

After having the flute for approximately 2 weeks, I recorded this improvised solo, so my family and friends could hear what this amazing instrument sounds like. Obviously I still have a lot to learn, but it's pretty amazing to hear what can be done after only a short time practicing!

Improvised Triple Flute Solo (5:00 min, ~12 MB)

This type of flute is not widely available, and Pat Haran is the only person I know currently making them like this. There's approximately a 3 month waiting list if you want him to make one for you!

Here is what Pat wrote to me about my flute, which is in the key of F#:

  The flute is crafted from black limba with accents of redheart and a little
  turquoise.  I used the turquoise to fill some of the small insect holes that
  are common to black limba, especially black limba with the orange streaking.
  I've been told the orange streaking comes from a defense response by the tree
  to the boring insects.

Professional Native American Flute player Scott August has one just like mine, and performs an amazing piece called "Chasing the Sun" with the triple flute, on his latest CD "Lost Canyons." You can listen to a sound byte on his site, and he also does an excellent job of explaining the triple flute (though he calls it a double drone flute, for reasons that he explains.)

Last Updated: 4/4/08