In the beginning of time, one of the Greater Gods created a universe, containing a wide variety of galaxies, solar systems, and planets. On some of these planets, life arose and began to evolve, but on one of these fertile worlds, evolution took a different turn. Tiny organisms grew larger then expected, and creatures began to develop intelligence. It was with this new found knowledge that the forces of evil began to appear. The creatures divided into species, and in time their intelligence grew. But the presence of evil, also known as the Realm of Chaos, did not leave the planet unscathed. This Realm consisted of corruption, chaos and death. Slowly, the Greater Gods began to lose control over the mortal world. The Realm of Chaos had eventually spread across a majority of the world, and soon many new races had spawned. Theses races were purely demonic and were devoted only to the destruction and slaughter of all that was good. Many believed the Gods had sent them as a punishment for a lack of devotion to them. In thinking this, several shrines and temples were erected in honour of the entities, which also served as a safe haven from the dominating evil forces. It was in these temples that the arcane knowledge of the magi, and the superb hand-to-hand combat skills of the monks developed.

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