What is a MUD?

      A Mud is an acronym for a Multi-User Dungeon. They are text-based games in which players interact to become stronger, gain more skills, and in turn, hunt each other.

What is so great about DA?

      Dark Apocrypha is a very different mud from the others. Uniqueness was the key issue when creating the game. Players have a large variety of skills and stats they are permitted to train, along with those which increase automatically as they gain levels.

What are some features of DA?

      The most recent additions to the game include: A level based experience system; players accumulate a certain amount of (cumulative) experience, and they randomly gain stats, and recieve level points. These points can be used to train Hitpoints, Mana, Move, Damroll, and a variety of others. Also trainable are the new Class Stats. When you train a particular Class Stat, you will be more effective in combat versus that class. This means you hit more often, and do more damage.
      Upon creating a new character, the player now has an option to choose a Deity to follow. Each of the 6 Deities grant the player even more skills and or spells, which can be increased when their faith points are increased.

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