Hello and welcome to Astigma Productions. AP is a company founded and run by Josh Tummel, which does mainly graphics and html type work. On this webpage you will find samples of my graphical work (Graphics section), and also some music I have composed (Music section). To find out about me, please check out the personal section of this page. If you like what you see and would like me to build you a webpage, or make some graphics, please just contact me. I am constantly adding new graphics and songs to this page, so please check back often.

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© 2001 Astigma Productions.  This page is not associated with any of the companies mentioned within the page.  All graphics on this page were created by Josh Tummel with Crystal 3D IMPACT! Pro, and Adobe Photo Shop LE, unless stated otherwise.  Please ask me before you use them.  If you want me to make some graphics for your site, just contact me (ICQ #2144815, AIM: Last Judgement, or email me) and I'll see what I can do.